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10 Common Blogging Mistakes Taken Care by digital marketing companies in Mumbai
A Marketing Business Online is all aware of Blogging and its various criteria. Blogging is equally important as the website is. It connects you with the audience and builds up a strong bond of trust. A Blog without consistent deliver of content will fail to connect with the audience or the visitors of the Blog. We just need to know the most common 10 mistakes that a blogger makes and the way to avoid or to solve those mistakes.
Common Blogging Mistake 1 – Not Including your Blog with your Website
Sometimes some of the company doesn’t integrate its blog with the main domain of the website. Few of them integrate it with the other blogging sites which leads to several consequences from SEO, Branding as well as Centralization Perspective.
To avoid such issues we can create a sub domain under the website or a separate domain. A sub domain is recommendable as it fixes the website with the Blog. Whereas the separate domain is consult you need to maintain both the domains perfectly, one for the website and the other for the blog. The most preferable option is to create a Website Folder or a Sub Folder. Both the alternatives can be used to benefit your Blog as well as your website.
Common Blogging Mistake 2- Publishing Too much Product Centric Content
Publishing Content on the regular basis related to your services, achievements, goals, etc could make the visitor of your Blog a little irritated. The content that is to be published should not always relate to your company whereabouts and its Profits. Instead of creating the product centric content one should try to share the content on the Education related models, Leadership Content is appropriate, Data- Analytics, Industrial Provoking content and so on. By bringing variation in your content people would start appreciating it and you would find a large source of visitors to your Blog.
Common Blogging Mistake 3 – Infrequent / Inconsistent Content
According to a research Publishing Content on the Blog is the necessity of the Blogger without which it is next to impossible to get maximum audiences for its blog. A Business often forgets to publish content on its Blog which results as a drawback for its main website. That is it takes away the visitors attention.
To overcome drawback the business or the company should consistently post on its Blog and if doesn’t find time, they should have an alternate source or should hire a freelancer to do the needful. The below analysis shows how irregular publishing of content can damage the business. And on the other hand the frequent posting of content on the Blog increases the visitors which is profitable.
Common Blogging Mistake 4 – Publishing Content which is Off- Topic
Rather a Blog that is unorganized or is off centred by the topics of the content to be placed, cannot achieve success. Thus one should concentrate on the goal of the company. After all a reader to your blog has come in search of what your blog is all about. Provide your reader with the most suitable information that you can give. As your main motive is to attract customers for your blog.
Generate the content with the most possible keywords related to the product, services and industries and also the point that you have created your blog for.
Common Blogging Mistake 5 – Publishing Content with Different variation
A reader gets bored by reading the similar content again and again. If your Blog is the similar kind of a one then you need to brush up and bring some exciting and new thing for your readers. A monotonous range of data can lessen the strength of the visitors. To boost interest among your readers and attract more of them engage your readers with different and new forms of Blogging. As the Blog does not only contain with content it can have attractive Graphics, Stats, Charts, Audio Content, Questions & Answers and many more. I am definitely sure you could get more for your readers.
Common Blogging Mistake 6 – Failing to Interact with the audiences
Blog is not a one way road. We need to have a two way conversation. That is between the blogger and the visitors/ readers. The best example out here is of a party host, if he does not involves his audiences or the crowd at the party, the party gets boring. Similarly the bloggers must keep entertaining their readers by asking questions, replying to their comment and so on. Which engages the reader and maintains a stability so that the reader stays on the blog for long.
Common Blogging Mistake 7- Ignoring to Optimize the Blog for Search
Not optimizing your blog for search will lead to a drastic mistake that can take away your ranking down. If you are constantly neglecting the search engine optimization then you are missing a huge opportunity that can increase your ranking of keywords.
To manage it one should keep working on the keyword and consistent optimizing the content with the particular keyword.
Common Blogging Mistake 8 – Implementing a poor design
Completely depending on the content of the Blog you can ruin many things lined up. Focusing only on the content and not on the design which can lead your business to drastic dept. Marketing through your blog with a bad blog design cannot give you a pure outcome. Thus a not so fancy but a well maintained Blog is very much essential to attract the readers. Every content must have a comment tagline. The Blog must directly connect to the website, these are some of the facts that could make your blog appear amazing.
Common Blogging Mistake 9 – Inadequate Blog Titles
As the proverb goes, “The first Impression is the last impression”, a title definitely makes a remark at the readers end. Not the entire focus of the content depends on the title but yes some or you can say 70% of the total reads the content after reading the impressive title. The title should speak the half story of the content. Which is a combination of direct, definitive and keyword related title.
Common Blogging Mistake 10 – A Source-less Content
As discussed in some of our common mistakes that not updating or maintaining blog on the regular basis may distract your audiences as there should always be a host for the party. Thus a consistent update is must. For this you can have a guest blog post, a freelance writer etc.
Reputed digital marketing companies in Mumbai have right resources inhouse and hence they are able to avoid these blogging mistakes. Tell us in the comments which blogging mistake you use to do prior reading this article?